K-Bonds AG fulfils the financing and investment needs of entrepreneurs and institutional investors by providing innovative solutions which respond actively to the requirements of the market. With its strategic advisory services K-Bonds AG supports companies and institutional investors on the debt side when it comes to challenging demands. Another emphasis lies on fixed income and other securities.

Together with its clients K-Bonds AG develops sustainable and innovative financings. At present our Know-how for real estate backed loan notes is highly demanded.

The arrangement and structure of the real estate financings is done by K-Bond AG. Through its project teams it has all relevant know how with respect to the real estate as well as to the financing. Therefore, it is the ideal intermediary between the issuer of loan notes and the investors.

During the placement phase, investors require a complete analysis and valuation of the project. K-Bonds AG appoints and supervises external experts in order to provide this analysis. Thereby and by way of proper documentation compliance with regulatory requirements by the investors will be secured.

Following placement K-Bonds AG supervises the relevant loan note by its subsidiary which is involved in the contractual scheme and the provision of compliance. Thereby, K-Bonds AG makes sure that all reporting and information duties vis-à-vis the trustees, the paying agent and the investors will be fulfilled.

Structure of the loan notes

Cashflow and Collateral

Here you can find an overview of our current and closed projects.