K-Bond AG is currently focused on the three following fields:

Strategic Finance Advisory

K-Bonds AG advises undertakings in strategic financing issues. These advisory services primarily focus on the need for debt financing of undertakings which current emphasis on real estate. This has led to the creation of the business segment K-Bonds; mortgage backed loan notes which are issued for placement with institutional investors. In this segment, K-Bonds AG, acts as arranger and structuring advisor for third parties which takes responsibility for the overall project. The putting such project into reality is effected by project teams which have the relevant expertise and experience. Moreover we advise on other debt capital financing issues.

Think Tank and Blog

K-Bonds AG also initiates its own independent studies which may provide the basis for new products, platforms and entities. This is what we call our Think Tank.

Innovations and Know-how development

Arising from the dealing with debt capital financing issues there are always new but sometimes also repeating questions. Those will be discussed among the K-Bonds team, analysed and an exchange takes place with specialists. Therefrom, working papers will be drafted which are going to be used for further projects and which will be made available to investors upon request.